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3D GameMaker

Posted on July 13, 2006 - Filed Under Software and Tools | 4 Comments

Instant and amazing results in seconds
Create a variety of exciting game scenarios with over 360 pre-made
Over 500 3D objects
Over 320 Sounds
Save games as EXE files

I used this along time and it is very easy to use and very basic. You can create games in under 5 min with premade maps, models, textures and items.
(all r included)

Very basic
Everything is done for you
limited functions
boring after 30min
can’t sell games

Very user friendly
Some customizable features
Can make different types of games

4 Responses to “3D GameMaker”

  1. vishal Says:

    send me link pls

  2. Najaf Says:

    1st time here…..i’ll post here again soon

  3. Gme Says:

    send me the link
    for me…

  4. stupid Says:

    send me the links

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