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How to search rapidshare

Posted on September 6, 2006 - Filed Under Tips and Tricks | 1 Comment

As we all know that Rapidshare is a free hosting service that offers free as well as paid accounts. The premium users have special privileges and costs few $$ per month.

Most of the people want to know that how they can search rapidshare for their popular files, softwares, songs, mp3 albums, scripts, games etc.

If you want to search for all rapidshare links athat are posted on websites, forums, blogs etc then type “” and you will get all the links.

If you want to see which urls of rapidshare has been indexed by google then use:

To search for mp3 files on rapidshare:

mp3|ogg|wma yoursongname

You will replace yoursongname with the real song name you want to search on rapidshare.

you can also use: mp3
“” mp3

You can play with the above strings in google and you will be able to discover few more things about rapishare tricks rlted to searching of files in Google.

One Response to “How to search rapidshare”

  1. barbarossa Says:

    Got premium account in rapid share eh????

    please send me thatthing
    guarantees not to change password

    else know to download site search pro

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