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Rapidshare hacking trick for firefox

Posted on September 6, 2006 - Filed Under Tips and Tricks | 24 Comments

There is a firefox plugin named greasemonkey that helps you to bypass timelimit and allow you to download multiple files using free rapidshare account. You may call it as rapidshare hacking for firefox users. Rapid share and firefox users can download that plugin and enjoy unlimited downloads without any time limits. Seems like hacking rapid share is hot topic these days, everyday programmers are finding loopholes in rapidshare programming so that rapidhsare free account users can enjoy premium membership benefits for free.

However this greasemonkey plugin is available for firefox users only, internet explorer users may switch to firefox to enjoy this free rapidshare hack.

24 Responses to “Rapidshare hacking trick for firefox”

  1. yves Says:

    Nicen too bad it doesn’t work for me :(

  2. Sonu Says:

    How to use this plugin????? greasemonkey plugin

  3. eus Says:

    can paste here script for rapidshares..i still blur..

  4. khanh Says:


  5. suresh Says:

    I would like to have unlimited access to rapidshare. Any idea or method, please let me know

  6. Sam Says:

    How exactly can i use greasemonkey to help me download multiple files at once without a rapid share account

  7. GUS MILO Says:

    The best plugin ever.!!!

  8. crazytweak Says:

    Uhhh i downloaded this but I dont no java so, can i get a script please

  9. ice Says:

    i wanna knw abt how to use greasemonkey to cheat rapidshare

  10. chumma Says:

    from where i can download the plug in


  11. nasko Says:

    its a lie :)

  12. cory Says:

    how exactly do u use this plugin to cheat rapidshare?

    i would really like to know, because i dont like waiting an hour and a half to download the next part of the archive of watever im downloading.

  13. dalda Says:

    fine for all useres but this is not commonly noticed by normal users very well done by you

  14. Bala Says:

    Have you ever experienced the premium membership facility for free??? I am not able to do it… How to do it???

  15. arulmurugan Says:

    friends can anybody send me the free rapidshare premium account please

  16. arulmurugan Says:

    friends can anybody send me the free rapidshare premium account please

  17. mo Says:

    i dont understand how to use greesemonkey

  18. Fawad Says:

    Didn’t work please help me out

  19. pupppooo Says:

    plz guide me how this plugin helps me to hack rapidshare i hav installed it but not achieved my goal as u mentioned above so plz guide me to wat to do

  20. Tomycins Says:

    wat the hell can anyone tell me how to use it for everyone here is worse then me

  21. Mufeez Says:

    Can any1 help me with greasemonkey? plz………………………

  22. powerfuljeez Says:

    umm…how do you use the greasemonkey? I downloaded the plugin but the rapidshare wait time is still there, help!

  23. matoury Says:

    So, how can I use greatmonkey, please ?

  24. hiteshpatel Says:

    can any one help me

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